Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Excerpts from a dieter’s life:

Advice: Eat frequent meals, every three hours.
Verdict: “Whenever I see you, you are eating something! You should control, you know.”

Motivation: Biggest Loser
Verdict: Inspired from a scene where the competitors run on the tread mill at 12 miles/hr, I tried to run at 7 miles/hr. I almost fell .

Advice: Food Control
Verdict1: Dizziness at the end of the day.
Verdict2: Eating salad for lunch, strawberry as snack and munching on three ice cream cones at the end of the day.

Advice: Skip your gym, run outside
Verdict: Tanning on already ‘tanned’ body

Advice: Do weight training twice a week.
Verdict1: “Can you please help me to get up?”
Verdict2: Poppins crying at the top of her voice asking me to take her in my arms. I try my best with every muscle in my body aching.
Verdict3: Skipping the gym for the next three days since I can not walk.