Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goodbye 2010!

2010 - a year of some tears and big blessings.I am ending this year on a happy note.The Lord had blessed me with so many great things including a healthy baby,a
happy family and many friends.Through face book,i met a lot of old friends and some have become closer once again.

It is time to think about resolutions for the next year.I am planning to continue my weight loss regimen for one more year...It is my greatest wish now to go back to my weight on my wedding day.Last year I had lost 14 pounds and it gives me strength to push for some more...I am targeting 2 pounds a month.I had AGAIN appointed Chuks as my weight watcher.Like older times,he will be suspended from the post again and again when ever i loose control :).We both know that eventually,I will go back to him again,crying....Lets see how it goes.

Second one,blogging.I will definitely be writing on my blog,at least once a month.I started 3BT as an inspiration for me to start writing.I followed Claire's
footsteps in all these months.But,now I am planning to write 3BT only occasionally so that I can concentrate more on expressing whats in my mind and my love for reviewing many a recipes.

Third one,embarrassed to say...At least finish the craft pieces scattered here and there.There is one picture of Jesus complete with instructions to stitch which I had brought from India,four years back.I have not yet finished even one forth of it.The second one,a pink yarn.I was attracted to that hobby when i saw my mom creating woolen shawls just like that.I thought that will be my call.Bought the yarn the very next day,started knitting and the hobby came to a stand still when amma left for India.I had sent the inspiration also in her plane ;) Now,Chuks had found other uses for the yarn-To prevent our Curry plant from falling away,he had tied it with a small stick using my PINK Yarn :( When ever I think of starting a new hobby,he looks at me with a knowing smile and says...nothing.We both know what it means.Suffering from Unfinished Project Syndrome all my life ....Well,I donno i will finish anything ever.But,lets see...

Ok,here's to a great year!!! 3 Cheers...

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heavenly Scent, Lunch Box & Christmas recipes

Accidentally found a Johnson & Johnson baby cream sample. I opened the bottle to the heavenly scent that is associated with babies everywhere.

When I reached the car, I remembered that I had forgotten to take my lunch .I ran back all the three floors in the chilling wind and cold and when I reached the door, I was searching frantically for the keys. Suddenly, the door opened and a hand appeared with my lunch box. Chuks saw the lunch box and heard me running up the stairs.

Going through many a blogs and marking dishes one by one to cook for Christmas and finally finding a page full of recipes again to select from.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Dear Susie,

You will always be remembered as Poppins' first pet. She loved you so much.Remember the days when she used to run to you and say "Good morning,Shooshie!" She showed you proudly to anyone who visited. Remember one day I was feeding you and Poppins came with her milk bottle to give you milk? Chuks tried his best to take good care of you when you fell sick.We all thought that you had survived your sickness and went away.Goodbye susie..

- M@mm@ Mi@

Photos, Ice & Christmas trees

I did it! I had gone through the photos uploaded by two friends in facebook. All 400 of them!

Pa is complaining that he did not see any ice on the cars. Getting up at 10 30 and looking forward to see the ice…I doubt whether it is a good idea.

Most of the homes have lit up Christmas trees. I love to see the faded shadow of Christmas trees lit inside the homes from outside.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


He taught me:

1.To love unconditionally, no matter what.
2.Take life as it comes.
3.Not to make my life an open book in face book.

I taught him:

1. Every t-shirts doesn’t need to be in shades of grey or black.
2. It really is fun to skip the gym and savor the ice cream.
3.To make ‘Fish Pollichathu’.

Love u,Chuks!

Poppins' Weekend

“Is the little person awake, yet?” – Little Ryan is asking his mom about Poppins. They knew a little guest will be coming at the middle of the night and they will get to meet her in the morning. They were growing impatient.

Alex gifting the paper figure he made at church to Poppins.

“Bye chetta, bye Toys!!!” – Poppins saying goodbye to the four boys and to the toys she was playing with.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Note from a friend, Clouds & Cake

Finding a note from a dear friend, whom exactly I was about to write to.

As I start driving from home, the clouds are all scattered here and there. By the time I reach office, they form themselves to look like Niagara fall.

The smell of freshly baked cake.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Realization, Combed Hair & Weather

That really hurt. I was very moody. J comes online with his usual jokes and my college junior announces her wedding with her classmate. I am more than happy. Being reminded that there is always a ray of hope and happiness,I try not to be mad.

After giving Poppins a bath,Chuks combed her hair. It looked so funny and I laughed when I saw that. She refused to move from the kitchen until I showed her a mirror and assured her that it was beautiful. She hugged me and ran to Pa.

It is cold, windy and sunny at the same time.In the morning,it was cold,dark and raining.