Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poppins' Dictionary - Part II

Bag It - Rabbit
Abada – hairband
Achacha – achaar
Makot - remote

Stories, Profession & Lipstick

Today's 3BT is about me ;)

1.I used to write stories in Malayalam.

2.I had always wanted to be a dancer or an archeologist. But, when I had to choose a subject in college, I went for Mathematics instead of History only because of the known fact that I will have to invest years and years in both the fields to become successful. Instead I chose the path of engineering ;)

3.My love for Lipsticks. I don’t know how many I have at the moment. Chuks & my dad say everything look the same.But, for me each one is so different.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Muddy fountain, Photo in the Bible & Smell of the soil

1.Due to the rain,the water in the lake beside my office is muddy.The fountain is spraying the muddy water.It is funny.We couldn’t stop laughing.Plus,it reminds me of elephants spraying water.

2.Talked to Ammamma yesterday.She told me that she had a photo of Chuks and Poppins in her Bible.I told her I was her first grand daughter,Chuks came in the picture only four years before.Still, he is her favorite of all.I am wondering where do I stand.

3.They are cutting the grass in the road.Fresh smell of the soil . I had never liked the smell of soil after a rain .But,today it reminded me of my childhood,when the same smell filled the air after the first rain of the season.After a little search,out of curiosity,found this:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fog, Thunder & Dancing with the stars

1.Fog at the bridge makes everything invisible,while I was driving in the freeway.But,there is light at the end of the bridge.
2.Chuks taught Poppins how lighting is followed by thunder.She waits eagerly for the sound of thunder after each lightning.
3.The seventy three year old actress in Dancing with the Stars competition.She surprises me with her dance.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Surprise curry, Photo & Portuguese

1. When I added curd as per the recipe,it spoiled the tadka.Instead,I added tomato and milk(in place of coconut milk) as per Chuks' directions.It tasted so much better...Yummy chicken curry!

2. Sent out family photo to Poppins' day care.She will be happy seeing 'Appa' and 'Amma' while at daycare.

3.The hot discussions at the lunch table made us analyze the cultural similarities between India and Portugal.Finding out that Portuguese and Indian cultures share a lot of similarity . Like in India,every one knows every one.They shout out to their neighbors..After all,it is a small world.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happ!ness,Achievement & Susie

1.One of the happiest moment of my life. A long time dream come true…
2.It made me smile when I could exercise on the stepper for 30 minutes even after a long hiatus from the gym.
3.“Hi Susie” – As soon as Poppins got up,she ran to the fish tank to wish our gold fish.

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Where is the Fish?"

Chukkan is taking a long rest .Nothing but,he is resting from a knee surgery. Though poppins is sad that her Appa has ‘boo boo’,she is happy that she get to watch more ‘Dora’ when amma is tending to appa’s multiple requests.She is also happy that so many visitors are coming home and she gets to play with a lot of friends. Last Friday,Tarara(Tara aunty),Vinkan(Vikrant) and Soubow(Saurab) paid a visit home.Soubaw – That was the funniest name I heard from her ever…hmmm…Soubow and tarara competed each other to offer her their IPhone and she was ready to play along.

Tarara took Poppins in her hands and slowly asked her “Where are the fish?” . Every one was expecting her to point toward the aquarium.She slowly raised her gaze and pointed at the fridge..She couldn’t think of anything but the fish fry in the fridge.That was the only place she could think of where the fish will be.

Friends,Kozhukkatta & Rain

1. Dinner at a new restaurant with a couple of friends.It was a good break for Chukkan from his surgery and the immense pain.

2.Eating Kozhukkatta slowly,so that it wont finish immediately.Admiring each bite.R bought them.I could never make them as good as R.

3.Poppins and me went for a walk.On the way back,it started to rain . I ran all the way back home while Poppins snugged inside her stroller and kicking at the rain.