Thursday, February 10, 2011


OMG! This might be the 100th one…. If so, how will be my grand mother coping with sneezing all the time? Poor thing. She looks so tired these days. She was so beautiful. None of her daughters inherited her beauty. She is much beautiful than any Hollywood actress. Oh.I hate Betty White. I don’t understand why people are so fond of her. Speaking of which I adore that 84 year old Dancing with the Stars competitor.What was her name? I forgot. She has so much energy to dance at this age. She might have been very bubbly when she was young. Bubbly characters! I love Rani Mukherjee. Kajol is equally loving. Who will forget her performance in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Its my favorite movie. Manju Warrior was so good an actress. I don’t know how many times I had watched Sumer in Bethlehem.hmm…I should kick Dileep out for making Manju stop acting.

See, even Nayan Tara is also going to stop acting. She was really a very bold girl. The last movie which I saw of hers…which one..I don’t remember. Her make up was so good and flawless. Who might have been her make up man? But, nothing could beat the make up of Hollywood beauties. What might be they doing to make the skin appear so smooth and glowing…And the dresses are also very beautiful.

Even, Michelle Obama has such a great fashion sense. I love her for her commitment to prevent child obesity. Some of Obama’s policies are also really good. I will say he is a leader with a vision. What might be his stand towards the riot going on in Egypt? I will say Hosni Mubarak should be thrown out. But, that might make many nations unstable. Uncertainty and riots will start in many places. Why not? Let them all be republics. But, the economy might hit hard due to all these and the oil price will also be sky rocketing. What I will do if the oil price goes so high? I should ask for work from home at least once a day. That way, I will have time to go to gym. Or else, I should start working out more at home, instead of watching Tennis.

Agassi - He was such a great player and glamorous too ;) Loved his long hair. Even Sharapova has long hair.Oh,Jesus!!What might be Venus Williams wearing next? Aint it a little too much? When will India have such great players? India should provide more facilities for Sports…Oh..ya…the great Kalmadi. Will he go to jail or not? Anyway,the Supreme Court had sentenced R.BalakrishnaPillai for one year. Gutsy!!!! It should be a lesson to all these nasty politicians. V.S. should be congratulated for his efforts. Finally,Smart City also got approved. Now, they say that there will be an IT explosion in Kerala. IT developers are going to have a great time. Will I ever work in Smart City? Oops…What all stuff I am thinking ? I have to submit this code before noon…

The national, international, socio-economic, political thoughts that had gone through my mind, when I suddenly sneezed.


  1. wow, what an active mind you have. and in between sneezes? so, did you submit the code before lunch? LMAO

  2. I submitted the code 'before' lunch,though the lunch time was moved from 12 to 1.30 ;)