Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home is where the heart is...

When I am here…I want to go back for ever to the place I grew up…Get up early in the morning, check to see whether I can see the end of the road through the fog, go to church and once again meet my grand parents’ friends there, walk back home with my friends, read the news paper sipping a cup of hot coffee, having chakka vevichathu for breakfast, kappa biriyani for lunch, piping hot kanji for dinner. Not forgetting the chakkappazham and the mambazham. Drink a glass of cold water from the well, massage a handful of coconut oil into my head and bath in the small thoodu. I want to spend the night sitting on the varantha looking at the moon, throwing little pebbles into the little pond in the middle of the garden, talking to my family.

But, when I am there, I miss the NBA, the NFL, my gym, the burger king, the fall, the spring, the snow, late Saturday mornings,shopping sprees at the mall with friends, thanksgiving, the black Friday, Project Runway, Dr.House, Office(I seriously hate the mega serials in Kerala) ,Costco, the pool, the fast internet, oven grilled chicken and a thousand other things.

They say home is where the heart is. I wonder which one is my home.

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